Why work with us?

We have the skills to manage your whole value chain. With more than 10 years of research at the University of Antwerp, it was time to step out of to the lab to industrialize our technology. Our experts literally wrote the book about CO2 Utilization ” An Economy based on Carbon dioxide and Water”.

Meet our team

CEO and co-founder

As a chemical engineer with a PhD in plasma technology, Gill started out as a researcher at VITO. He successfully led a spin-off company working on molecular plasma expanding it from 2 to 30 people in only 5 years. While mentoring a student’s PhD working on carbon conversion, he realized the enormous potential for the industry. D-CRBN was born.

DSC_David (1)

David Ziegler

CCO and co-founder

Entrepreneur with a strong drive to achieve a carbon-neutral society, David Ziegler is the co-founder of D-CRBN. As CCO, he defines the Sales & Marketing strategy of the company. His focus is to understand the challenges the different industrial partners are facing concerning their reduction of CO2 emissions. Ultimately, and together with them, the common goal is convert these environmental threats into a competitive scalable solution.


Georgi Trenchev

CTO and co-founder

A physicist and engineer, Georgi Trenchev is the Chief Technology Officer. Shortly after completing his PhD in plasma-based CO2 conversion at the University of Antwerp, he co-founded D-CRBN. As CTO, he oversees the technology development, and implements the leading solutions from the scientific world.


Annemie Bogaerts

Head of PLASMANT research group, professor at UA

Annemie Bogaerts is an authority in the field of CO2 conversion. She teaches at the University of Antwerp and co-wrote the book “An Economy based on Carbon dioxide and Water”. After her PhD in chemistry, she founded PLASMANT, the Plasma Lab for Applications in Sustainability and Medicine Antwerp.