From a harmful gas causing climate change to brand-new products

Convert CO2 into

D-CRBN’s positioning in the whole value chain regarding carbon emission reduction.

We are located at the Port of Antwerp, the largest chemical cluster in Europe. This strategic location allows us to focus on port applications for the petrochemical, metallurgical, and maritime transport sector. D-CRBN has developed partnerships with industrial companies with specific expertise throughout the complete value chain. D-CRBN’s Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) approach is building upon existing Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) projects. 

We believe that chemical storage is a fundamental pillar of the energy transition.

D-CRBN offers a fully electrified chemical batch process that runs on renewable energy which can be turned on & off like a light switch. Trimming the energy costs of converting the feedstock into green added value products during off-peak moments will make the process profitable, sustainable, and flexible. Storing renewable electricity into the chemical bonds of molecules could provide long-term energy storage.


Green added-value products creates


Runs on renewable energy


Easy switch on & off process

Our roadmap


Stage 0 : Discovery

10 years of research at PLASMANT (UA), a world-leading research group
on plasma-based CO
2 conversion. 


TRL: 1-2 Define Concept application 



Stage 1 : Concept initiation

A full techno-economic assessment to make a business case tailored to your industry which you can benchmark with other technologies.


TRL 3-4: Demonstrate concept in a lab



Stage 2: Concept development

Installation of the prototype at BlueApp including all units of the value chain. Start R&D projects with industrial partners on the production of value-added products.


TRL 5-6: Demonstrate key elements in a relevant environment



Stage 3: Concept approval

Scale up to demonstrate proof-of-business. Conversion of 30,000 tonnes CO2 per year


TRL 7: Demonstrate on industry site



Stage 4: Production approval

Scale-up towards an industrial unit. Conversion of 1 M tonnes CO2 per year


TRL 8-9: Qualification and operational use