R&D Prototype 🚨❗️Are you interested in trials to utilize your CO2 waste stream?

We have a brand-new R&D prototype to convert your flue gas emissions to added-value chemicals!


Our prototype recycles 100 tons of CO2 per year. It consists of 2 major parts. The bottom part is where the CO2 gas enters the reactor and is guided through a battery of plasma reactors. These reactors are splitting the CO2 molecules into CO and O. In the top part, the atomic oxygen is removed from the gas mixture by catalysts. This allows an output of pure CO, which is a building block to synthesize your desired products.

The advantages of our plasma reactor design and technology:

+ No complex geometries or moving parts
+ No rare earth metals used
+ No electrode degeneration
+ No liquids or solvents used
+ Diluted CO2 streams allowed
+ Lowest Capex & Opex for electrified CO production
+ Small footprint (2000 ton/y per m2)
+ Fast on/off switching (allowing peak trimming or grid stabilization with renewable energy)
+ and most important, scalable!


We are also offering benchmarking possibilities by means of a techno-economic assessment. In these TEA’s, we simulate our technology implemented on your existing facilities.

We report:
+ Fixed Capital Investment
+ Discounted Payback Period
+ Net Present Value
+ Internal Rate of Return

All combined with a sensitivity analysis, assessing the key critical parameters of the whole value chain, like product pricing and electricity cost.

Having our prototype up and running gives you the possibility to back up a techno-economic assessment with real data!